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We've had so many friends ask how they can support the SheWolf mission from afar. THANK YOU! It means so much that you want to be a part of this. If you want to run, but can't make it, we created the virtual event just for you.  Simply sign up at any time, and then you will have 30 days from your sign up date to complete your own Virtual SheWolf 13.1 run. After completion and verification of your run, we will send you your SheWolf medal and tee! 


-run must be 13.1 miles in length (we will give grace for a smidge less)

-run time includes ALL time in between hitting START & FINISH

-run can take place on any terrain and at any time

-you must send us verification of your run (examples: Strava link, Garmin, treadmill photo, etc)


When you are done, submit this form and tag us on socials so we can shout out your accomplishment!



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